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Ancestry Research Scripps-Morell Family

Here is a list of some key players in the case
James Edmund Scripps: Ann’s father and founder of the Scripps Publishing Company
James E. Scripps 4th: Ann’s brother
Alexandra Scripps Morell: Ann’s 24 year old daughter
Anne Devoy Morell : Ann Douglas’ 22 year old daughter at the time
Victoria Morell: Ann’s 3 year old daughter by Scott Douglas
Mary Scripps Carmody: Victoria (Tori’s Aunt)
Jeanine Pirro: AWestchester County District Attorney involved in prosecuting the case

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Mother's Murder Movie True Story

This movie is based on the case of Ann Scripps Douglas and her younger husband Scott Douglas. The movie came to tv in 1997. It was advertised a movie based on actual events.

A Sketch of Ann Douglas
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

Ann met Scott when she was 47 years old. She was still very beautiful and in great shape. She was the heiress to the Scripps-Howard newspaper. Basically most everything you see happening in the movie is true. One of her daughters stated that the movie did not even touch the surface of what was actually happening in that house. Scott was absolutely the MOST scary person you would ever encounter. All of the scenes of the beating in the movie were described by friends and family. Anne confided the most in her best friend.

Background on Ann Douglas
Anne Scripps Dougplas was born November 18, 1946. She
was a woman of privilege. She was mostly raised by her grandmother because her mother suffered from manic depression. Her grandmother taught her everything she needed to know about being a lady in society. She went to the best schools and colleges. She knew all of the rules of upper class society both written and unwritten. Scott had no idea about these unwritten rules. His behavior was repugnant to her upper class friends. He could not fake it. Whenever he tried he would just....well let’s say....flub it up. Remember the scene in the movie where he was at a dinner party where he tried to give out his business cards? He would do things like that all the time that would make it blatantly obvious that he did not have the class, the tact, nor the education to ever measure up. She doted on her children too. All of her children remember that she was the best mom anyone could ever have. Anne was no different with Tori. Always staying home with her children, she never felt deprived of life.The only thing she really aspired to be was a loving wife and mother. She had intimate relations with only two men in her life, and that was her first husband Anthony Morell and Scott Douglas. Scott was the only man who had ever hurt her in her entire life. Even though Scott was able to fool her in love, she was a very smart woman when it came to her money. She was not parting with it easily. She gave him just enough to play, but the real money, he had no access to. Her grandmother taught her from a very young age to always protect the money above anything else. She died Thursday, January 7, 1994 at Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, New York.

A Sketch of Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas was 38 years old, 6 feet tall and about 165 pounds. He worked as a skilled house painter. His neighbors and ex girlfriend had a hand in telling his true story. He was used to getting everything that he wanted. He was handsome with a great body. Women loved having sex with him. There was always another woman waiting for him. He had many affairs both before and after his marriage to Ann. Some of the women were extremely beautiful with loads of money, and they did not mind giving it all to him. So he was somewhat disappointed with the fact that Anne's money was protected and secure. 

Click here to go to the Scott Douglas Page where I have included some notes from an interview that I held with his ex lover. (here)

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Photos of Anne Morell Petrillo

(pictured above Anne Morell Petrillo and her sister Alex)

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Tori Douglas aka (Tori Scripps Carmody)

There is a small update on Tori Scripp's Federal case. She pleaded guilty on Tuesday, January 28, 2012

According to the Burlington Free Press, Victoria Tori Scripps pleaded guilty to running a drug house on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 in Burlington District Court. She was reprimanded by the judge. She told the judge that she didn't feel that prison was doing her any good, and that she wanted treatment instead. Her sentencing hearing will be sometime in June. Burlinton Free Press article

Tori pictured with her mom Ann and her sister


This is the last known image that we have of little Tori. She disappears from the spotlight and we hear nothing about her until 2008.


Whatever Happened to Anne Scripps Douglas' Daughter Tori

Whatever Happened to Tori Scripps?
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

 Tori Scripps witnessed the tragic murder of her mother Anne Scripps Douglas when she was just 3 years old. No one knows for sure how it was that Tori actually witnessed the murder. Some have speculated that she was sleeping in an adjacent room when she heard her mother's screams and ran in to see what was happening. Others speculate that she was actually sleeping with Anne at the time that the murder occurred. Life since the murder of her mother and the suicide death of her biological father Scott Douglas has not been an easy one for Victoria. Over the years many people have asked whatever happened to the three year old little daughter of Anne Scripps Douglas.

Just a Little Background on Tori Following the Death of Her Parents

Here is what we know so far. After the murder, everyone wanted Tori. Annie, Scott's brother Todd, and Anne Scripps Douglas' sister Mary were all fighting for custody. Todd Douglas finally dropped the custody suit and Annie was deemed too young to take custody of Tori. This was devastating to her because it was Tori's sister Annie who took care of her and doted on her much in the same way that Anne Scripps had since Tori's birth. She did everything that she could to get custody of her baby sister Tori, but it was not to be. Eventually, it was Anne Scripps Douglas' sister, Mary, who adopted Tori and raised her as her own daughter in Vermont. 

Mary Scripps and her husband moved Victoria away from New York. They felt that the change would do her some good. According to sources,  the communication between Tori, Annie, and her other sister Alex became distant at some point in Tori's life. But by all accounts she had an incredible childhood. Her new parents (aunt and uncle) tried to make life as comfortable and as much fun as possible for her, though there were occasional nightmares after the murders. Tori had many friends, she had many parties, and she was very active in school social activities. She was a happy child, and her new parents loved her as their own. The family was a seemingly normal family that did not seem dysfunctional in any way. Life was good for Tori when she was a little girl, but things started to change for her as she approached her teens. According to her parents, Tori's life started to change after the movie about her mother's death entitled "Our Mother's Murder re-aired. The movie originally came to television as a made for tv movie of the week in 1997. However, when the movie re-aired, Tori was about 14 years old. Schoolmates who had watched the movie made the connection between the real story and the movie, and they began to tease and bully Tori over her past. Tori was devastated. In a beat, her life had changed once again, from a happy go lucky life with many friends, to a life with virtually no friends and a lot of ridicule. As time progressed her parents started noticing changes in her behavior and in her moods. She also started to gain a different "type" of friends. Her parents also noticed how easily Tori started to lose things and forget things.  Mary and her husband did everything possible to help her. Tori eventually became addicted to drugs. Since that time she has had several run ins with the law.

Here is a brief overview of her troubles according to court records. 
Starting in early 2009, Victoria is arrested for failing to show up for her court arraignment. The charges are dismissed and she is allowed to enter into a program. In 2010, she is involved in a robbery of a student who was in possession of Oxycontin. She drove the car along with two other guys who committed the actual robbery. Tori denied involvement and the charges are eventually thrown out. In late 2010, she is implicated in a series of robberies that took place not far from her childhood home. The judge issues a warrant for her arrest, she surrenders, and she is released pending her hearing on the robbery charge. While she is awaiting the hearing she is arrested along with two men on distribution of Heroine and Cocaine. When the cops stopped her she admitted to them that she was a Heroine addict. She stated that the two men in question were staying at her home at the time of the arrest. The agreement was that they would supply her with drugs in exchange for a place to live while they set up their operation. When she was arrested her parents refused to bail her out. They felt that the only way to help her was to let her sit in jail. Tori did not have the $10,000 bond in order to bail herself out. Eventually the bond was finally paid for her release. No trial date has been set as of yet. Word is that Tori is in rehab at a facility in Florida.

Extra Tidbit

Sources say there is no money left from the Scripps trust. All of the money has been exhausted. Her parents desperately tried to stop the judge from releasing the funds when she turned eighteen, but the money was released to her despite their pleas.

Tori was deeply affected by the suicide of her sister Annie. In a suicide note left by Annie, her last words to Tori were "Toriwish you loved us.Me [sic] certainly loved you. I always missed you."

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Anne the daughter of Anne Scripps Douglas has Committed Suicide

Anne Morell Petrillo's suicide mirrors that of her stepfather Scott Douglas. Anne Morell Petrillo aka Anne jumped to her death from the same bridge. She left her 2004 BMW abandoned on the bridge with a note inside. Her body was found 4 days later at about 3:00 pm.

 Anne had a son named Michael who is 13 years old. He lives with his father. Anne had been struggling with life ever since her mom died. Close friends say that she had divorced, struggled financially, drank alot, and had attempted suicide several times before.A close friend of the family stated that Anne never got over her mother's death. She had been hospitalized on more than one occasion because she was depressed. It haunted her until the end. The family felt that she had finally found some peace.


Anthony Tony Morrel, her father, died 4 years ago. 
Anne took off her clothes before she jumped to her death

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Spousal Abuse Homicide Cases Similar to This One

The following cases are not affiliated with the movie or the true story above. These are other cases that are similar to Ann Scripp's murder that you might be interested in reading.

1989 Man Beats Wife With Claw Hammer Before Killing Himself
In 1989 a man named Billy J. Conran killed his wife Sylvia Conran. No one knows exactly what prompted him to kill her, but her bludgeoned her to death with a claw hammer in their Naples, Florida home. Two days later he packed her badly beaten body in ice before disposing of the body in a garbage can outside his attorney's office. When the attorney discovered the body, he immediately contacted police. Billy Conran shot himself with a .38 revolver a couple of days later. No one could believe that Billy Conran could do something like that. He was known as a very cool headed guy.